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Get your tickets in and win great amounts of satoshi every week.


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How to get tickets?

There are three ways to get tickets for the lottery.

For every claim you do on our faucet you will get one ticket.

You can buy tickets with your balance. One ticket for only one satoshi. Please note, that you can buy only a maximum of 10 tickets if you do not have set a password yet. If you want to buy more tickets please click here to set a password.

You can mine tickets. Let your CPU do the work in the background. You do not need to solve captchas or click on any buttons. Relax and watch how the number of your tickets grow constantly.

How are the winners picked?

Every lottery lasts one week, from sunday midnight to sunday midnight. After a lottery has ended a text file with all addresses and their range of lottery tickets will be published. Exactly 18 hours later, at 6 o'clock in the evening, the hash of the lastest bitcoin block that has been mined, determines the seed that is used to find the lucky numbers.
There are three steps to get the lucky numbers with this hash:
1. Get the SHA-512 of the bitcoin blocks hash.
2. Get an integer by using the CRC32 function.
3. Set up the random number generator (mt_srand) with the integer from 2.

The lucky numbers are now generated (mt_rand) until we have 10 unique winners.

Is this fair?

The text file with the addresses and the range of your tickets will be published with several hashes (e.g. MD5, SHA-256, SHA-512), so you can check yourself that the file has not been changed since it was released.
Furthermore we can not predict the hash of a bitcoin block that has not been mined yet. The time gap of 18 hours between publishing the text file and determining the seed is to give you a chance to verify it yourself and to show that it is impossible to know what the hash of the block will be.